It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, the Christmas season is upon us once more, bringing with it the promise of presents, prawns and everyone’s favourite: pavlova.

Whether you’re hosting this year’s family lunch or simply looking to spread a little Christmas cheer, the five tips below, courtesy of our friends over at Temple & Webster, will have your guests feeling as if they’re walking in a winter wonderland, even when it’s 35 degrees outside.

1. Welcome with a Wreath

Setting the Christmas scene begins before your guests even step into your home. Think of your front door as a greeting card – it’s the first thing your friends and family will see, so make sure to start here come time to deck the halls.

Wreaths make for a simple yet sophisticated welcome, though don’t feel like you need to stick to traditional holly. Look to Scandi-inspired red berry, citrus compilations, textured leaves or embrace our warmer weather with Australian natives.

wreathe christmas temple and webster

1. Saffron Magnolia Leaf Wreath, $89
2. Sage & White Glitter Berry Wreath, $69.95
3. Red Berry Wreath, $129
4. Silver Feather Dove Wreath, $59.95

2. Deck The Floors

Allow your presents a little excursion from under the tree, and experiment with placing them around the house instead. Upon bookshelves, on each stair, in piles around the living room; your options really are endless.

Sporadic pressie piles make for a modern addition to any bare corner or landing, but just be wary not to leave edible gifts in pet-frequented areas, or heavy-bottomed boxes in the way of little feet.

3. Make a Statement with Your Centrepiece

Despite what your stomach may tell you, your centrepiece is not that great big platter of seafood but rather the delicate assembly of festive offerings that should sit in the centre of your table.

Popular ideas include filling a wide glass vase with leftover ornaments, garlands of greenery or candle assortments. See your centerpiece as an opportunity to get creative. Don’t be afraid to include citrus fruits, pine branches, cinnamon sticks, pinecones, nuts; anything that screams Christmas and smells equally as exciting. 

4. Go for Garland

Whether strung around the banister, running along your entryway table or pinned around a door, garlands make for a simplistic way to add a touch of festive greenery to any room.

Though they’re an extremely versatile item, matching your pick to the tones of your tree and wreath will work wonders in tying each room of your home together seamlessly.

5. All That Glitters

The Australian Christmas is unique in that it lacks snow and other key characteristics of a winter wonderland. We sit around, toasting our ice-cold champagne and nibbling a platter of mango all the while listening to carols about dashing through snow and cosying up by the fire.

On this side of the equator, we must get creative in order to spread our Christmas cheer around the house. Dust white glitter across your mantlepiece or dinner table to paint a snowy picture or scatter fairy lights throughout your hedges and inside your fireplace to bring a touch of warmth without the heatstroke.

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Main image via: Allira Bell & Jess Bellef, Photography Denise Braki