Those that invest don’t need to be sold on the idea.

You know the stats about starting early. You enjoy watching your ideas materialise. You like to follow the news and see what it means for your portfolio. You enjoy being in the hot seat when it’s time to make a call. You even enjoy the challenge of knowing that there are no guarantees.

You probably remember the first stock you bought or who bought it for you. And you may even remember that feeling when you made your first trade. Imagine being able to share those experiences with someone else simply by giving them a gift card? Now you can with Stake.

What is the Stake gift card?

Quite simply, a digital gift card for real shares in US stocks or ETFs. A unique way to invest in someone else. Buying a gift card on Stake is a normal retail transaction – you don’t need an account with Stake to gift and you can pay by card.

You can gift any US stock or ETF available on Stake (3000+ US shares are available) and any in amount (between USD$10 – $500) and add it to your cart. Choose your recipient, write your message, pay by card and the gift gets sent by email. Easy.

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Stake is not a gifting company.

Stake spent a bit of time working out which way they wanted to take the company. They looked closely if they should focus on making gifting the key product… on making it so simple to gift shares and ultimately ownership in some of the world’s most successful companies. Although they’ve have made it simple – this was not why Stake was born.

Stake was created as a place where financial success is within reach of anyone who seeks it. To enable customers to get better investing returns, they focused on giving investors simple access to the best opportunities at the best price. It just so happens, that those who believe in the mission of delivering quality products at the right price are people who want to create better futures for others. So for them, they made this as easy as buying a gift card.

Not just a gift for shares

So when you buy someone a gift card for shares, you’re not only gifting them ownership in US stocks or shares, you’re giving them a start on their investment journey. Who knows where this first step will take them and what they might achieve along the way.

For those reading this who have received a gift card for shares – you’re extremely lucky. That gift is not just about the company or fund you were gifted, it’s a message that someone believes in you and your future enough to invest in it.

What are you waiting for? Give the gift of shares this Christmas, and checkout with Zip for nothing to pay today!

This article originally appeared here and we republished with permission from the author Dan Silver.