Over the next 15 years, the incidence of prostate cancer is expected to double. In the last 50, the rates of testicular cancer have done just that. Last year, three-quarters of suicides in Australia were men. Our brothers, fathers, nephews, partners, sons, and friends are dying too young, and we, as a country, as a community, as humans, need to do something.

The Movember Foundation, born in 2003 by two Melbourne mates, are tackling these men’s health issues on a global scale. Their mission? To start a conversation by the way of the humble moustache. Now, with more than 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across the globe, the Movember movement has since raised $850 million to fund over 1,200 ground-breaking men’s health projects, which, by 2030, will reduce the number of blokes from dying prematurely by a huge 25 percent.

Baby-faced and ready to be the difference are 10 Zipsters, all of whom have lent their rather sheepish faces to the valiant cause. With the help of Milkman Australia, a Sydney-based grooming company and valued and zipPay merchant, our bewhiskered bros this week underwent a group shave. For some, it was the first time they’d seen themselves without a beard in well, forever.


Over the next 30 days, our Movember boys will use their mos – whether patchy, profound or plain bizarre – as the conversation starters and awareness raisers to help men live happier, healthier and longer lives.

Meet the Mo Bros below, and help stop men dying too young by donating to Team zipMo-ney now.

Larry Diamond
CEO and Managing Director

Larry diamond Movember

It’s time to start taking action on mental health for men. We are chronically ill-equipped to handle this in the community and need more help!”

Dan Pickering
Software Engineer

Dan Pickering movember

This really is a massive cause and a particularly personal one for me – I lost my Dad to prostate cancer only last year. The more money we can raise the more lives of Dads, brothers, sons, uncles and mates we save.”


George Campbell
Growth Marketer

george campbell movember

A couple years ago, one of my best mates committed suicide. We had no idea he was depressed, and we were all really close to him. It shouldn’t be difficult for blokes to talk about how they feel, but it was for him, unfortunately. I’ve supported men’s mental health causes since then.”


Jean-Pierre Naim
Head of Partner Experience

jean pierre naim movember

“I am taking part in Movember to raise awareness for men’s suicide. Mental health issues in men are too often swept under the rug, perhaps due to the huge expectations placed upon them. We need to change the way people sometimes give up before they speak up.”


Maclean Cherry
Head of Partnerships

Maclean Cherry movember

I want to help spread the message that, as a man, it’s OK to ask for help or show emotion. Too many men suffer with mental health issues in silence.”


Nick Easdown
Business Development Manager

Nick easdown movember

“Along with the appeal of shaving less and sleeping in more, the cause, for me, hits close to home. A good friend who had suffered from mental illness passed away last month, so being a Mo Bro and raising awareness for men’s health is so important to me.”


Benny Segal
Human Experience Coordinator

benny segal movember

It’s important to me that I support organisations that are working towards the destigmatisation of mental illness amongst men in modern society.”


Bosco Tan
COO of Pocketbook

bosco tan movember

Movember is one of only a handful, if not the only cause which focuses on men’s issues. Men are generally too lazy or too ‘macho’ to go to the doctor. I believe a spotlight on these issues is important to continue to change these male attitudes and contribute to a healthier and happier society.”


Eli Hecht
Head of Healthcare Solutions

eli hecht movember

I am taking part in Movember as people struggling with Mental Health issues need to be constantly reminded they are not alone and it is important to speak. Life presents a lot of challenges where we lean on a team mate, family member or friend to solve and overcome. Yet we often feel we need to face our own personal demons alone, the one issue we probably need the most support from those around us.


William Gaintsev
Integrations Engineer

william gaintsev movember

“I just wanted to grow a beard for the first time!”

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Special thanks to the bewhiskered bros at Milkman Australia